New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve family members gather to observe the customs and share a traditional meal. Family members come from across town or across the Indonesian archipelago to welcome in the New Year together, usually at the home of the eldest family member.
According to custom, the male head of the family leads the family in making offerings

to various house gods and family ancestors. Respect is paid to the god of wealth and the gods of the well, bed, hearth and other gods who the family wants to remain on good terms with. The offerings are usually a variety of foods, cakes and fruits placed on an offering table, placed outside the house. While holding the incense in both hands, each family member would 'pai-pai' (bow down) three times to show respect and honor for the house gods. Then the incense is placed in a holder on the offering table and family members bow again to show respect and ask permission to enter the house.
An offering table or ancestral table is also set up inside the house, if there is a member of the family who has already passed away. A picture of the deceased is hung above the table. In wealthier family's homes an entire room might be used as an ancestral hall complete with altar and tables for each generation. Small offerings are placed throughout the year to honor deceased family members. On New Year's Day, however, the table overflows with a beautiful display of food, flowers and the special dishes once enjoyed by the deceased during his/her life.
Family members are expected to show respect to their ancestors by lighting incense and bowing in front of the offering table. It is even more respectful if one kneels down in front of the table. Only after respect has been paid to the ancestors can you continue with the evening's festivities. Chinese around the world believe that the spirits of the loved ones are in attendance during the evening's celebrations. When ancestor worship rites are complete, the family gathers for the biggest meal of the year.

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